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We are a group of Conservation Biology Master’s students in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B) at Columbia University. With our first year of coursework completed, we are now working on various aspects of our Master’s thesis projects over the summer. From analyzing data we already have, to conducting lab work in the amazing city of New York, to getting our hands dirty in the field, each one of us has some pretty exciting adventures ahead. So we created this blog in case others wanted to follow along! We’ll be posting fairly regularly (internet and time permitting) with stories, photos, blurbs about our research, and whatever else we have to share with you. Stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy!

MA in Conservation Biology '15!

MA in Conservation Biology students, Class of ’15! (plus Amrita & Josh 😉 )


About Us

Natalie Bray: Studying the effects of forest disturbance on mesofauna communities at Black Rock Forest (www.blackrockforest.org

Erin Dimech: Studying immunomodulating gut bacteria in captive and wild populations of mice to investigate the affects of urbanization and captivity on wild animal health.

Erin Eastwood: Studying population connectivity of five species of coral reef fishes in Fiji, to help inform the spatial design of marine reserves in the country. Personal blog: eastofthewoods.wordpress.com. Twitter handle: @eastofthewoods

Natalie Hofmeister: Studying the evolution of the glucocorticoid stress response in African starlings by examining glucocorticoid receptor sequence variation across differing levels of environmental predictability. Personal blog: nataliehofmeister.wordpress.com. Twitter handle: @NatalieRose3C1

Eleen Liao: Studies ecosystem ecology, specifically N cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. My current research looks at the demographic dynamics of N-fixing trees in temperate forest ecosystems.

Molly McCargar: Studying intestinal microbes of herbivorous coral reef fishes in Fiji. Twitter handle: @MollyMcCargar

Amy McDermott: Broadly interested in the evolution of biodiversity in tropical marine systems, and in the effective communication of science beyond the research community. Personal blog: amygmcdermott.wordpress.com. Twitter: @amesydragon

Kaggie Orrick: Studying noise pollution from public roads and its impact on large herbivores (white rhino and elephant) and carnivores (cheetah and lion) in a small private game reserve in South Africa. Personal blog: koandhercharismaticmegafauna.wordpress.com. Twitter: @kagglerock

Amanda Sigouin: Studying the cumulative impacts of natural resource extraction in Patagonia and working to develop a framework to estimate associated remediation costs.

Jess Stitt: Studying biodiversity & trophic networks in the Brazilian Amazon by looking at fruit, mammal, and dung beetle community structure. Personal blog: jessmstitt.blogspot.com. Twitter: @jessmstitt




Photo Credit:

Anne Eastwood, Kaggie Orrick, Erin Eastwood

Undergraduate Blog:

We also have some awesome undergrads in the E3B department!! Check out their summer research shenanigans at the CUEBS website, and enjoy!



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