Breaking Bio Mammal Mashup!

The latest installment of Breaking Bio interviews has arrived! Check out this mashup of our very own mammal-loving Masters’ students, Kaggie Orrick, Jess Stitt, Erin Dimech, and Allison Roth:


Breaking Bio Blitz – Cynthia Malone

Hello everyone and welcome to CU in the Field! As you will see in the About Me section, this is a blog run by some of Columbia University’s Conservation Biology Masters students, where we will be posting as often as we can about our summer research endeavors. Stay tuned for photos, videos, blog posts, and video interviews we conducted with Breaking Bio, a great group of biologists who put out podcasts about biology, science, and academic life. Here is the first Breaking Bio Blitz interview with the lovely Cynthia Malone, who is studying oil palm plantations in Cameroon!

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